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This better work.

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2407 days ago

This better work.


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sleeprun 2385 days ago

SYMPTOM: late nite TV addiction - final stages!

fishynw 2387 days ago

Um, Really?? LMAO!! Don't mean to be crude but the only people this helps are the guys you girls are with. Just go to a GYM! SHEESH!!

LadyG007 2404 days ago

i am soooo mad at this whole concept LoL I saw this infomercial and was pissed. Seriously folks?!?!

WinterFlower2_0 2404 days ago

please post if it worked

North_Atlantic 2405 days ago

just finished an MS PAINT rendition of Ellen and Jellyfish.

North_Atlantic 2405 days ago

Hey Ellen! Check out my art I did of you swimming in the ocean with Jelly fish- All is MS paint!

laurenloveya 2405 days ago

its funny i just bought it. its hilarious yet it does work....

taylorswiftbear 2405 days ago

haha i love u KP!

taylorswiftbear 2405 days ago

haha i love u KP!

JesusFreak922 2405 days ago

hahahaha i love watching that on lmao its so funny!! XD

meaghnlynn 2406 days ago

hahaha! I totally wanted to try that! Let us know how it works....if it does, that is :)

claudiaquat 2406 days ago

But why not just put some water in a plastic bottle and shake it? How is this better? Sorry to be so skeptical.

adriana_kdp_fan 2407 days ago

haha did you get the idea of buying one from Miss.Ellen?lol,she talks about the shake weight all the time!let me know how it goes

sherryhendricks 2407 days ago

I hate that commerical!! Almost as much as I hate the Snuggie commecial, but not quite.

cowgirlup6 2407 days ago

saw it on ellen let us know if it works

heyitsoliviaa 2407 days ago

oh yeah cause you really need that *sarcasm*and yeah u R at target lol :D ly kellie

Guyhinwa 2407 days ago

I hope it works too, cuz you really need it, NOT, just kidding you are amazing physically, mentally and spiritually!

animalntaz 2407 days ago

There's something else you can "shake" that can give 2 people the same workout. ;)

janetmclark 2407 days ago

hopes it works out for ya!

Swhug20 2407 days ago

Are you serious? It looks like a scam just looking at it!