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僕はYour Favorite Enemiesというバンドのリードシンガーだよ… 人の権利や夢の力について僕の深い思いを分かち合える素晴しい日本の友達がいることは僕にとってとても名誉なことなんだ…


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2463 days ago



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momenemy 2463 days ago

she's exploring her world, as always!! not letting sickness and age limit her joy in life!

Miss_Enemy 2463 days ago

Shadow loves snow so much!I always wonder what she's looking for when she's digging:) KAWAII

LEMONICEc 2463 days ago

Is a cold snow delicious or a Shadow???When the body and the foot get cold,Alex warms it.

Lilsie_ 2463 days ago

Oh Shadow!! You are cute!! Is the snow delicious?

mardoche 2463 days ago

Shadow is very beautiful on this picture!
Don't eat's not like a

littleYuku 2463 days ago

Cute pic!!

yukaL563_spring 2463 days ago

Awwwwwww!!Shadow!!! She's so cute!! How was the snow,shadow??Did you meke the hole??wow!Your nose is frozen:D Thank you for sharing this pic,Alex!! I'm so happy to knowing her condition.

nobukina 2463 days ago

Black and White ..and full of colors and life and light ..I am happy for you shadow !!

Tsugumi1o9 2463 days ago

Wow!! Nice pic!! Shadow!!! Did you enjoy snow?
Please, be careful to overeating. Have a beautiful day!! Thank you for sharing, Alex!! ;)

moco_ 2463 days ago

Today,I'm very happy.This pic makes me happy further.Thank you,my big bro Alex ;)