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Picture 2 of my 80's classroom!!

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2349 days ago

Picture 2 of my 80's classroom!!


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ryan_chris1219 1716 days ago

I would like to make one too.. :)

damianlover667 2348 days ago

veryy nice damian! i lovee it!

sierraengen 2349 days ago

I love it, if i did that it would look so bad.

TerrieDelaney 2349 days ago

thats better than i could do!

DamianBaybe 2349 days ago

Gotta say it Damo, its cool.. With art you can do almost anything and you did it!! I love the globe by the way!!! Your good!! Thanks for Pictures!!

JLC_EMF 2349 days ago

Aww, I love the little clock on the wall! The little "books" on the desks look great too!

TriSarahTops88 2349 days ago

It's amazing Damian. :)

emilyy5253 2349 days ago

This is really neat actually? Amazing set!

VenDetta_4V 2349 days ago

Cool! I like the globe on the teachers Desk! What time is it, 10 o clock or somthing?

Saerphe 2349 days ago

I also see you used Tempera paint. Just a little suggestion should you ever have to do this again. Go out and buy some acrylics instead. They're a bit more expensive and can take a tad longer to paint with, but you'll get a clearer colour and thicker coat

Saerphe 2349 days ago

I like the clock, and... the globe on the teacher's desk? I also like how the all the books aren't arranged quite the same.

KimPiper1 2349 days ago

Love it ;) I think you've done a GR8 job!

Liam_Eoghan 2349 days ago

Thought u would have set the clock to getting out of school time, not school starting time...LOL. Good job!!

damianlover1 2349 days ago

Really Good!!!

Kyla_Rae_ 2349 days ago

I love that the floor is supposed to be yellow and black tiling, but it looks wicked grungy. Haha... So art isn't your strongest artistic quality...Think of it this way, at least you still have your voice and looks! :-D I think I found the silver lining!

RachelABlatt 2349 days ago

Damian, this is great!!!!! Your awesome! lovePr

meagab11 2349 days ago

it's lovely damo your better artist than me and i never take art class

SunnyCT 2349 days ago

And you lead us to believe you were not an artist-- you did a great job!!!!

louises267 2349 days ago

I love the little desks great job Damian

celian1309 2349 days ago

I love the details... the clock is my favorite.