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Picture 1 of my 1980 classroom...on a scale of 1:20 :) :L

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2379 days ago

Picture 1 of my 1980 classroom...on a scale of 1:20 :) :L


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ryan_chris1219 1746 days ago

nice .. x :)

kykasantos 1800 days ago

e essa habilidade com maquetes ? :SSS kk

Kaitlyn_Marie2 2375 days ago

I think that u did a great job to me it looks like my math classroom lol :)

sadolivegirl 2377 days ago

that looks really good:)

aurorasauruss_ 2378 days ago

great jobbb.

DoireCailin 2378 days ago

Looks awesome Damo! Way better than I would have done!

TerrieDelaney 2379 days ago

hey thats awesome

sama_ntha 2379 days ago

Haha Oh Damian. Well, and least you have your talent of singing...and your looks. :P

luvct 2379 days ago

yay damian!!!

VenDetta_4V 2379 days ago

AAWW! Very cute!! I'm impressed! Very Proud of you Damo! Kepp up the work!

neburch 2379 days ago

you did a great job Damian.

Kami_Alaskan 2379 days ago

Pretty cool, not gonna lie! Completely diggin the floor...quite awesome! :)

DemersGirl 2379 days ago

That is Awesome!!! Very Artistic!! Hope your doing well!! :)

Saerphe 2379 days ago

I really like all the detail you put into this, my boy. You may not consider yourself artistic, but the mark of a true artist is the effort you put into your projects. Love is in the detail! :D

TriSarahTops88 2379 days ago

Awe Damian that's amzingg!! You did a fantastic job. :D

keithhrocksCT 2379 days ago

I like it harry potter meets High school musical lol...I see your patience is about lke mine on these projects-very short. Great job!

KimPiper1 2379 days ago

well done Damian! GR8 detail

damianlover1 2379 days ago

That is really good!! I couldn't have done that for my life!! lol

RachelABlatt 2379 days ago

i like the clock%Pr

xNicoleluvzCTx 2379 days ago

Wow thats Brilliant !! :O