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2380 days ago


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claytongraham2 1729 days ago

what does beleen look like??? :P i always wanted to know

Osiriz05 1808 days ago

from left to right ( Lim,Rolith,Ai no Miko,and Cysero! )

ShadowloreAQW 2244 days ago

I thinkthat that is a lamp not sunlight...

Blodijs_AE 2364 days ago

They deleted that picture i can't find it :D

William_Frost 2364 days ago

Which pic is it?

deathknight99 2369 days ago

u guys look different i don't know u

marcusss9 2371 days ago

cysero rolith and lim you look nerdy!! XD

NinjaAQW 2373 days ago

uhm, sorry to break it to you, but there IS NO blonde guy, far left is lim, not far right.

AlanzaDemonica 2374 days ago

Wrong. Ai No Miko is the girl (of course), Cysero is on the far right, Rolith in the middle, and Lim on the left.

therealpain 2375 days ago

why does cysero look fat and rolith looks like a nerd+lim

Blodijs_AE 2376 days ago

Artix is very athletic i seen him in on of zorbaks 2008 pictures galery

gedrick_andrea 2378 days ago

oh,no one ever asked about the poster,by the way how much is it???

_Alethia 2378 days ago

I love the photo! Miko looks pretty :D

flargon_aqw 2378 days ago

girl is Ai No Moko guy to the right is Cysero guy to left is Lim and miggle is Rolith......i just wanted to clear that up since alot of you dont know that

SirValor666 2379 days ago

My comment was outcommented. >.

AliQeks 2379 days ago

still AWSOME

AliQeks 2379 days ago

that's miko >.< ?

manleyerman9 2379 days ago

Really cool and nice hair cysero

theGERARDwithaR 2379 days ago

hwhwhwh nice

Wafflethehamstr 2379 days ago

Okay Guys Probaly as everyone knows the girl is ai No moko The blonde guy must be rolith The middle is cysero and the very right is lim i think this is only a guess