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I just finished designing NBC's new logo.  I call it the #failcock #conan #nbcfail

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1685 days ago

I just finished designing NBC's new logo. I call it the #failcock #conan #nbcfail


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Flatliner450 1680 days ago

i dont get it

adrian_e 1680 days ago

This is bloody brilliant.

davidrguzman 1682 days ago

Haha, nice.

JimAtMaximum 1682 days ago

Pretty well sums it up. GE (NBC's parent company) has been failing for a decade Why does Immelt still have a job? #nbc #failcock #fail #nbcfail

zackc456 1682 days ago

Epic... #failcock

socialnerdia 1683 days ago

ErickaSimone 1683 days ago

epic victory.

lollerskating 1683 days ago

That's pretty awesome.

edumendozaa 1683 days ago

pretty minimalism!

adamsgroove 1683 days ago


animatedGeoff 1683 days ago

This is pretty awesome

textundblog 1683 days ago

Großartig! Mash Up aus NBC Logo und dem Twitter Fail Whale.

DavidWells 1683 days ago

Haha nice. I'm with CoCo.

SirHardinThicke 1683 days ago


oOJenniLeighOo 1683 days ago

I don't even know you- but that's fanfreakintastic!

bjoshuanoah 1683 days ago

I love it!

nebanebet 1683 days ago

Wow, that's amazing, and I don't even care about television.

MichaelMidnight 1683 days ago

This is so very awesome! Everyone check this out!

RJBailey 1683 days ago

Very appropriate. #nbcfail

joepalen 1683 days ago

Clever... and nice artwork.