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night time in haiti. rudimentary operations continue in make shift locations.

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2472 days ago

night time in haiti. rudimentary operations continue in make shift locations.


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MadSciKat 2465 days ago

These docs/nurses r amazing. But I worry they might burn themselves out... I could never do this... #haiti

100956 2467 days ago

It is too bad that the med supplies cannot get off the tarmac to the people who need it, yes the airport empty, perfect for hospital not touched by earthquake looks like... I agree wih GilMCGill too.

GilMcGill 2469 days ago

I was appalled; don't tell me all you got was a little bag of painkillers, with all them pallets of meds sitting there. They should recognize who you are and given you a truckload.

cait 2469 days ago

If you have help to offer Haiti, tweet starting with #offer and stating what you have and where it is

gah52 2470 days ago

I am angry at what is starting to look like a deliberate act:More victims dying because the greatest, most advanced country's military can't get it together at the airport!Disaster means Move Your Ass!

gah52 2470 days ago

Saw the airport report last night. Dr. Gupta, the terminal was empty! "Desolate" ...why is it not being used as a hospital? Helicopter people in. Or a medical supply walk-in center? How do you control the anger and frustration you must feel? Keep reportin

nitrasit 2470 days ago

ICURN8100 has anyone contacted you yet??? What to get you over there contact me please

nitrasit 2470 days ago

I just saw your report of you going into airport and getting supplies Please Dr. Gupta do it again it means so much, Thank You Dr. Gupta I will never forget what you have done for my people

msredchitown 2471 days ago

Sanjay im so pround of you and Anderson. I still don't understand why other doctors cant get the medicine I pray daily that God brings healing and peace to the people of Haiti

Neenanjulie 2471 days ago

aree bhagvan dude keep it up!

ICURN8100 2471 days ago

Dr Gupta: I CAN HELP...I am a ICU RN critical care nurse versed in all aspects of adult and pediatric care...I want to join your team in Haiti. I can mobilize supplies and nurses....just say go. I am having a hard time contacting you, I have contacted

Black_Jaq 2471 days ago

Thank you.

Zeden1959 2471 days ago

Hi Honorable Dr. Sanjay Gupta: I want to make a contribution, but I want it to benefit your work immediately, Dr. Gupta - who do I send it to?

kimjack61 2471 days ago

Dr.Gupta, How you stay so professional, calm, and collected is beyond me.
There are so many supporting your heroic efforts. If I was your wife I'd be worried sick. Stay strong, we all love you 4 what you are doing.

Shelleycanuck 2471 days ago

Thank you so much for exemplifying what a real hero is all about. Your bravery and dedication are an inspiration to everyone.

msqinc 2471 days ago

Not much to say except WOW! You and your crew stay safe.

designerluv1 2471 days ago

The good that is in all of us is expressed in your actions caring for the victims of this disaster! You & your team are angels of mercy!

sabatini84 2471 days ago

I pray for you daily as well as all of the other doctors and workers helping the people of Hatit. May God bless you all and continue to give you strength and wisdom as you do His work.

yukylee 2471 days ago

Your passion for your work, love for the others, and the progressive spirit always make me feel reverent. Thank u & take care~ God bless u~

Soxceus 2471 days ago

I LOVE U DR GUPTA thanks for helping my peops.