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Josh Paul - Bassist in the band Daughtry.Songwriter,formerly of Suicidal Tendencies,Infectious Grooves,and some others:) just a SMILEY GUY who plays the bass!

A smile for ya from Switzerland!

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1895 days ago

A smile for ya from Switzerland!


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nikiroberts1 1894 days ago

Very nice....I met you last week in Fresno and I wanted to say Thank You again for taking the time to take a pic with me. Look forward to seeing you guys in April.

KatieHH 1894 days ago

CanĀ“t wait to see you in Stuttgart! What about a repetition of the party nights we spent in Berlin??? ;-)

jovigirljules 1894 days ago

u are too ya JP!

midlifemodesty 1894 days ago

So nice! I think it's spreading!

amanda_jo27 1895 days ago

and a great smile it is!! thanks for sharing!

BonJulie1 1895 days ago

Awww, there's the smile we all missed! Good to see ya Josh!! Thanks for thinking of us! :) See you in Boston 3/20!

Chef_Chrissy79 1895 days ago

My how I've missed that smile!! Good to "see" ya! Wow, and look at those big blue eyes, never noticed that before :)

staatsie12 1895 days ago

I needed a nice JP smile today! Thanks.

JustBeU11 1895 days ago

:) Thanks... I needed that. Nice that you "dropped in". Be a hectic day for a lot us!

Gi_Argentina 1895 days ago

was missing that wonderful smile! Thanks for posting!

BrunaKelly 1895 days ago

Oh and just in case you don't remember, we met you in Jonesboro and Southaven :) I had an amazing time seeing you guys and I loved the pictures we took :) hope you're all having fun out there! :D

Marialuvsmusic 1895 days ago

Aww. Thanks for thinking of us.

BrunaKelly 1895 days ago

*doing great! See you soon and hope you say hi back :),. Bruna :)

BrunaKelly 1895 days ago

*doing great! See you soon and hope you say hi back :),. Bruna :)

BrunaKelly 1895 days ago

Like I said before, I love your eyes :). I hope you remember me? I was wondering if you use a green guitar pic? Me and my mom are going to see you guys again in Nashville! She says hi :) and that you should make a facebook! We miss you and hope you're doi

jkloss1 1895 days ago

Ohhh those eyes...I'm swooning

jkloss1 1895 days ago

Beautiful!!! Smiling right back!

alicou22 1895 days ago

awwww. Hope u r enjoying rockin Europe! Cant wait to see u again in March!

sumrgal8 1895 days ago

Awww. It's so good to see you again all smiles!! Hope Switzerland is treating you well.

AprilLynette 1895 days ago

woo hoooo!!!!!! i missed that adorable smile!!! thanks for the pic JP!