Scott Baio


Actor and my wife & I have a foundation for special needs children and to raise awareness to expanded newborn screening.

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2321 days ago

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Myst4 2131 days ago

To much time on ones hands....Must get a job and life!! Scott you have what others want..A great Life!! Jealousy runs deep with some!!! God Bless you and your family!!

SiennaLee4 2295 days ago

Bailey Baio is STILL a butt ugly little bastard. But then again, she slid out of a stinking conservative twat, Renee. Wouldn't make a cock-sucking whore like Renee the mother of my children, I have standards.

CaliCowboy 2306 days ago

Didn't they uses same caption for Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush, and Nancy Reagan? It would have been racist not to make the joke.

jlsmithk 2315 days ago

Wow.....What a sicko!

YNGGRANNY 2316 days ago

Oh, some people take themselves way too serious!

DemonSpunk 2318 days ago

Woah!!! Only a mentally handicapped person would make a death threat on Twitter. Wonder if he/she knows he can be tracked via IP.

melancholygirl 2320 days ago

WOW! Sorry this is happening to you. Hope twitter does something about this.

garbski 2321 days ago

please get this user off twitter and everywhere else.

SierraLima1 2321 days ago

Please take appropriate action against this user threatening Mr. Baio and his family.