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2 new pets in the house... They have been named "Orange" and "Name-O."

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2377 days ago

2 new pets in the house... They have been named "Orange" and "Name-O."


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Vallentinka 1753 days ago

Are they still ALIVE?

Bludolphinz07 2337 days ago

Everyone is saying how cute they are and ya that's all fine and dandy but honestly my first thot was "oh crap, they're dead." they just look like really depressed fishies...:-(

klukz 2339 days ago

i liked of names its (:

Adriana_Kristy 2372 days ago

awwwwwww how cute :D:D

Vallentinka 2373 days ago

i love all pets, so cute fishes and their names are so original haha!:) and don't forget to feed them, please

dinoyeldaa 2376 days ago

Are they dead? haha

JershaLP4EVR 2376 days ago

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

Vdalem 2376 days ago

*giggles* Awww too cute!

mapedregon 2376 days ago

hahahahaha that's funny :]

Linkin_Theorist 2376 days ago

Cute!!! Awesome names! Name-O sounds kinda like Steve-O LOL :)

xLinkinPark 2376 days ago

Yeah, see, when you said "pets"; I was thinking of a massive dog, or an actual pet, like a cat or something :P Goldfish aren't pets, you should get a huuuuge vicious dog, then I'll be impressed. Cool names though :D

AndressaLP 2376 days ago

Oh, so cute! :)

imready4u 2376 days ago


TheLPFreak 2376 days ago

oo creative

HTKY11 2376 days ago

Orange.... Nice name!

janv1310 2376 days ago

Looks like their chemistry is just like that of and ! lol

jabbablinkss 2376 days ago

gimme twenty bucks and a beer and i will swallow them both for you!

_LolsLP 2376 days ago

hahahaha sweet

EFRiiT 2376 days ago

I think the are similar to you =)))

MARI_SABEL 2376 days ago

2 little gold fishes,they are so beautiful))) but theirs names are so funny)))