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Co-founded the digital agency @engagedc, makers of @GetMultiply. Husband, father, technologist, politico, runner.

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1547 days ago


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Hippiessuck 1546 days ago

Heres a link to "Dirty Water" on youtube. Way to go MA!!

garyconservativ 1546 days ago

From the state who first brought us Liberty, MA has provided the springboard that will return Liberty to this GREAT nation! From all of us in Saint Louis....Thank You!!

gustaf09 1546 days ago

Must be global warming turning everything red!

Bellanieve 1546 days ago

Well Ma. we know all about u....

nsaigon 1546 days ago

HOPE is in the air!

Jaaus 1547 days ago

What a great twist and a lesson for Obama's 1st Anniversary!

SueLaniMadsen 1547 days ago

If the population ratio of Boston to the rest of MA is similar to Seattle and the rest of WA, there's hope to unelect Patty Murray

void_2k 1547 days ago

Awesome! Too bad they couldn't show this as the numbers were being reported in.

slamjoe 1547 days ago

Back the truck up! This was a state that went 62-36% for Obama in '08. Brown wins 52-47%. Wasn't Obama inaugurated just a year ago?

CIMFREE 1547 days ago

A wonderfull birthday gift...I will remember this day forever as a day that changed America..

dslfobia 1547 days ago

Better Red than can quote me :-)

KMullen12 1547 days ago

thank you finally done good!=)

CharlesCarroll 1547 days ago

Ah, that is beautiful. I'll go to sleep tonight hoping and wishing that most Democrats are sane and don't take their marching orders from liberal media or the elites in Washington.

damonrexroad 1547 days ago

WOW!!! I am glad there is a lot more to the state then just Boston. SCOTT BROWN WINS!!!!

gidgey 1547 days ago

All you can say is WOW - I'm so glad he put 200k+ miles on the Truck to Freedom! #MAsen