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the haitian spirit. people waiting patiently for h2o under hot sun. no armed guards. no pushing. obvious respect for one another.

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2298 days ago

the haitian spirit. people waiting patiently for h2o under hot sun. no armed guards. no pushing. obvious respect for one another.


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egima42 2271 days ago

may God carry them through this tough times.

VikingSweetie 2278 days ago

God bless you for going back to help.

sophiebrindejon 2294 days ago

Dr. Gupta you are such an amazing man for taking the initiative to help the people of Haiti. What really broke my heart was when those doctors and nurses left many patients, but you and your crew stayed behind to help the people. You and Anderson Cooper a

babar2 2294 days ago

Dr. Gupta thank you & GOD Bless you for being their Angel of Mercy..i have to say when I saw you taking the cart to the airport to look for medical supplies I wondered 2 things: why you..walking alone? and why are these supplies sitting on skids on the ta

cait 2295 days ago

If you have help to offer Haiti, tweet starting with #offer and stating what you have and where it is

designerluv1 2297 days ago

It's important to see these photos you've taken! The press makes us think it is utter confusion & chaos there~thank you for "your eyes on the ground" there Dr. Gupta! Much love and respect sir!

dmomof2 2297 days ago

The spirit that has carried them this far, lives in many of the people of Haiti and around the world. God Bless the Haitian people, they have SO MUCH FAITH!

elaynefluker 2297 days ago

thank you for sharing this. these are the images people need to see, those of cooperation. thank you for all that you're doing there.

RueMathon 2297 days ago

We really are resilient people. If anyone can survive days without food or water, it's the Haitian people, because we already live on so little to begin with.

Eowyn9 2297 days ago

What you've accomplished in Haiti has been truly amazing. Whenever there's a disaster of epic proportions heroes always emerge and you are one.

jose3030 2297 days ago

Dr. Gupta, much respect

iamblessed2222 2297 days ago

Just want to thank you for all the hard work you are doing in Haiti I have not been able to stop watching the coverage on CNN and just appreciate your devotion and concern for Haitians that are suffering and devastated.

lady_deirdre 2298 days ago

I wish this was shown in the media more often, these are normal people in an extraordinary situation, doing the best they can. I was very happy too to see on CNN footage the Bolivian UN Blue Helmets distribute food to long rows of Haitians, orderly and ca

_saurabhmishra 2298 days ago

thanks for sharing..!!! You have really done a tremendous job sir !! God Bless You.. With best wishes.

gtpoet 2298 days ago

vs all the chaos?

gtpoet 2298 days ago

Thanks for sharing this Dr. Gupta. Why aren't we seeing more of this in the mainstream media bs all the chaos?

GilMcGill 2298 days ago

You look exhausted, tired and losing weight Dr. Take care of yourself too otherwise what good are the patients if you're down as well. Praying for you & the many others in that disaster. Good job!

namcken 2298 days ago

Dr Gupta Nuff respect to you and your team from CNN , you all are doing an amazing and extraordinary job there in haiti .I applaud you for your informative coverage over there !

namcken 2298 days ago

Thanks for staying to take care of the patient when the UN doctors decided to leave for their own selfish reasons , may god bless and keep you safe so you can accomplished the task ahead .

namcken 2298 days ago

Thank you so much Dr. Sanja Gupta for your hard work and dedication to the Haitian people , I see all the good work you are doing over there , keep up the good work , I respected the fact that you stayed to take care of the sick and wounded in that make s