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Sales emergency !!! Which pair should I choose ?

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2383 days ago

Sales emergency !!! Which pair should I choose ?


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ija_me 2382 days ago

Garaaance, what was your choice?,))They both are beautiful! The right ones remind me of Robyn Hood,P

Charliealamode 2382 days ago

Always the wedges!

iamFarahz 2382 days ago


brigadeirocc 2382 days ago

I vote for the wedges!!! The design seems more balanced and unique, LOVE them! :)

eliffilyos 2382 days ago


alicehack 2382 days ago

The heels are cool, but will date a lot more quickly, so I think definately go for the wedges.

QueenG25 2382 days ago

Why can't you get both? ;) It's very hard to choose.

FanyaFang 2382 days ago

The wedges:

1. it's easier to walk in and hopefully you won't die since it's not skinny heels.
2. there might be occasions where you wear pants or long skirts over them, in which case the wedge still look interesting with the toe and lace while the st

zassilem 2382 days ago


esinguzel 2382 days ago

if must choose, i say "the wegdes" as the other pair is just too boring.

Krizia_S 2382 days ago

The wedges!

sonnchensonja 2382 days ago

the right one! the wedges look old.

cljus 2382 days ago


isasinay 2382 days ago

the wedges!

judithann321 2382 days ago

the ones on the left! They are more interesting.

TiphaineCoffret 2382 days ago

Les non compensés. Les compensés ont les a vu partout. Avec les vrais talons, elles sont magnifiques et originales avec le revers couleur miel. Bon shopping :)

glitzkrieg 2382 days ago

the right ones! You'll wear them forever

EvaMeucci 2382 days ago


LouboutinBlog 2382 days ago

Les deux sont superbes, mais je préfère les non compensés

willemijnj 2382 days ago

Right, definitely! They make my feel like Robin Hood for a bit, but in a very good way ;) Kinda urban warrior but then a little bit more chique. Wish I could have them. Have fun with whatever pair you will choose, left ones are nice too!