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In the midst of the chaos, caught a ride with Vin Dissel.

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1649 days ago

In the midst of the chaos, caught a ride with Vin Dissel.


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OhioAgent 1646 days ago

Maybe he can help bring the much needed supplies in fast and furious... Hopefully he's helping.

heartachetoo 1647 days ago

I'm sorry what is Vin Dissel doing there? Meaning is he helping those that are injured, sick or hurt. I as a Army veteran was blocked from going to Haiti and I can offer a service as a combat medic.

Drymor 1648 days ago

Wait a minute...He is there, in Haiti ! Cool!

KatHappy 1648 days ago

What is so admirable & cool about Vin D. being there? He's taken up space in the plane to get there that could have been a doctor, he's taking up a helo it looks like here when people desparately need help not actors!!!, if he flew in unannounced it took

RobertAguilar 1648 days ago

Always knew Vin D was a real cool dude

moenia 1648 days ago

Truly admirable of him.

hhelvaci 1648 days ago

its so cool that he doesn't sit around in US and talk about how sad he feels. he's actually helping out

CecilledelaCruz 1649 days ago

woohoo!! nice

LoYaL_CgIrL 1649 days ago

woohooo nice! your so lucky..

tyecuba 1649 days ago

Soledad, you know that you two look good together. I'm just keeping it honest.
Tye,New Jersey / Pennsylvania

NewMillionaire 1649 days ago

I'd catch a ride with Vin Dissel--anytime..anyplace...good place to catch a ride...

Lizzard89 1649 days ago

This is awesome

GabrielleGabby 1649 days ago

That rocks! Love it!

VALBUENA_ 1649 days ago

wut i didn't know vin was there lol