Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2323 days ago


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GAC_Vallo_Ann 2028 days ago

omg aaron rotfl

AllyseMarie91 2051 days ago

this is seriously the best picture i have ever seen...

aimee_GAChick 2239 days ago

woo hoo, Big Steps baby!!

JessaNightshade 2272 days ago

Like Nick's shirt says " I Lost My Mind " So I am guessing Aaron did too.

Bellarosaluna 2284 days ago

You guys are SEX on legs ! I love this photo, soooooo funny

TkGAfan 2298 days ago

Oh I LOVE this picture, shows the real sides of you guys!

MysteriousAnnu 2310 days ago

Text on Nick's shirt!!! Lmao!!

yeehawcountry 2318 days ago

dude wheres my car!?

alaura08 2322 days ago

aaron needs nicks shirt!!!lol

CeciVR 2322 days ago

LMAO!! oh gosh Aaron...XP

spunkytut1950 2322 days ago

I guess you do have to watch Aaron. Ha Ha.

missshygurl10 2322 days ago

lmao wat is aaron doing? :)

purebloodfanpir 2322 days ago

what is aaron doing?

saddeyes52 2322 days ago

Zak you are HOT and Aaron is weird(in a good way), and Nick looks like he needs sleep

LoveCali79 2322 days ago

Imma say... ❤ you Aaron!! Nick's face LOL.

Deevette 2322 days ago

Zak you are total hotness! Aaron is such a clown....Love you guys ;)

ningurl 2322 days ago

Aaron is such a tard! And this is why everyone loves him. ;)

karaangel1 2322 days ago

Lol. thats awesome.

GAC_LOVER_13 2322 days ago

thats too funny guys

BMXBrandon03 2322 days ago

Bros, you dudes are dabomb!! Do ya have to keep Aaron tethered to ya guys so he doesn't take off? lol ---Cody ps.Luv the hoodies guys!