Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2415 days ago


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Tanya_Ford 2060 days ago

That movie is way too creepy! ...first time I watched it the phone rang straight after - no joke!! (I'm still here though lmao!)

Gac_Elevation 2060 days ago

no nails like me sirrously

TightGACChica 2116 days ago

...I'm noticing that you chew on your fingers. Nervous habit. I understand lol. ;)

HannahElizaNoel 2194 days ago

Id rather stick with GA anytime.

spooky2828 2375 days ago

The jap version of this movie was much better than ours....idk why we changed the story line of the movie, the original made more sense.

morganxxbeauty 2395 days ago

yea i saw the ring its ok. i agree that your show is better than that movie.

itzmaturnnow 2409 days ago

I HAVE AN IPOD TOO! But mines blue :-]
And that movie suxed.. sorry. ;-] Atleast your show's better than that movie :-D

ShawtyMaynee 2413 days ago

ur silly. thats a messed up movie. heehe i wld watch it with you.

Shy_May13 2413 days ago

ah creepy... >.

Boggsy26 2414 days ago

I love movies like that!

trh2009 2414 days ago

not a good movie....

imaglassonion 2414 days ago

I have to use a nightlight now because of the Ring movies...nice.

dark_slytherin 2414 days ago

NICE SOUNDTRACK, THAT.. u all arent going to some abandoned well, r u?? scarrry!

InnocentSpirit 2415 days ago

I love that movie.

littomika 2415 days ago

;_; so scary! you guys should go to Aokigahara forest in japan! so spooky!

Luci_L 2415 days ago

Great movie!!!!!

cupcakepinkie 2415 days ago

the ring f*cked my life up....scary ass movie

cupcakepinkie 2415 days ago

the ring f*cked my life up....scary ass movie

MelindaGoyette 2415 days ago

I am with you CDChyld that seen with her crawling out of the tv really freaks me out

CDChyld 2415 days ago

Have not watched since they first came out...really don't like when she crawls out of the TV.... :)