Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2140 days ago


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Bellarosaluna 2101 days ago

Has Aaron just found that YOU are flying the plane? LOL x

SaraSpizarks 2119 days ago

"There's something on the wing, some...thing!"

morganxxbeauty 2120 days ago

i've only been on a plane going to florida and one coming back.

MrsCarisa 2139 days ago

That's how you guys roll - First Class??? Sweet!

thestrokes19 2140 days ago

watch out good

royce88 2140 days ago


Chilipeppergurl 2140 days ago

I feel bad for you guys...not enough leg room, right? lol I love the show and your hard work, research, and tech-savviness shows! xoxo

nikolew1 2140 days ago

Christine said where u guys were headed....she kinda spilled the beans...

nikolew1 2140 days ago

That's what I like to c, the boys r back, and girl free, hee hee!

Carrie_Klein 2140 days ago

Thank GOD they allow Starbucks on the planes!! Sheesh...

ekstesis 2140 days ago

Where's the "big steps" Aaron? First class? Enough room to do so handsome. -winks-

UncomonNonsense 2140 days ago

Nick--your adorable! Aaron your so funny!

TatianaJDeLeon 2140 days ago

Love it!!! lol

AWESOMEHetalian 2140 days ago

nick looks mad lol wheer are u going

ryureepaul 2140 days ago

Where is zak? Took that pic?

ZoeGalena 2140 days ago

hahahahah! LOVE aaron's face!! nice looks uncomfortable!

ZoeGalena 2140 days ago

hahahahah! LOVE aaron's face!! nice looks uncomfortable!

Kara_Carlson 2140 days ago

Nick looks kinda mad and unhappy!!!

Amy_FaB 2140 days ago

where are you going?

BMXBrandon03 2140 days ago

Tell Nick to smile! :D ---Cody