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Skyline just made some Karasu Wings (Color matches your hair color). More Yokai Rep items!

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1553 days ago

Skyline just made some Karasu Wings (Color matches your hair color). More Yokai Rep items!


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kundimanaqw 1541 days ago

I have never seen that area before.

The_Unholy18AQW 1549 days ago

: I highly doubt they will be free to play gold, but a high chance of AC's or Members only.

GriefAE 1549 days ago

hmm...they seem awesome, but aren't they a little high up on the back? :/

Legnave_FEZero 1549 days ago


SkylineSV 1549 days ago

Tengu wings look similar to these, but they're not recolored versions of each other.

PinesolOfChaos 1549 days ago

hmmmm...will these be non-member?

QuestionMarkAQW 1550 days ago

ofc there will, seeing as skyline is the king of epic.

ShadowLord101 1550 days ago

thank you skyline :D

AQWUser 1550 days ago

wait did Skyline make those or recolored the wings from Daigu Tai?

DEALWITHEET 1550 days ago


Dracorath 1551 days ago


Snipehawk 1551 days ago

i spent 3 hours farming odokuro.still counting.
my hard work should pay off :D

AlanzaDemonica 1552 days ago

Yep, 'bout the same, here. :P

QuestionMarkAQW 1552 days ago

Just took about half an hour O-dokuro farming xD

AlanzaDemonica 1552 days ago

I'm rank 7 Yokai, as well. xD

QuestionMarkAQW 1552 days ago

I've got 7 so I'm not TOO worried. Especially as I requested them xD

AlanzaDemonica 1552 days ago

I wonder what rank Yokai it requires, hmm...

QuestionMarkAQW 1552 days ago

Where are the wings available from?

tsukiyomaru0 1552 days ago

This MUST be non-mem AC, just like Cunning Fox Tail is in relation to Fox Tail

AlanzaDemonica 1552 days ago

No I can have my red wings that I've been waiting for??? You would not believe how happy I am, right now... :') Skyline, I love you. xD