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the bowels of the ladies room at the #goldenglobes. total fuckshow.

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2411 days ago

the bowels of the ladies room at the #goldenglobes. total fuckshow.


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curseofthefurse 2404 days ago


jufajardini 2408 days ago

Gostei da brincadeira com os pontos de vista. =P

AnjelikaFrye 2409 days ago

Ahh. Ye olde ninja photograph! Hotcha!

JulianaTringali 2410 days ago

what a rude thing to do.

lauriepink 2410 days ago

Freaky weird.

deeza13666 2410 days ago

What the fuck is the go with the make-up, can't they afford their own!!!

NaturesRevenge 2410 days ago

Is that Julie Benz from Dexter? That's a mighty fancy ladies' room.

melodyg 2411 days ago

That is Jenna Fisher! She does seem pretty cool. Course I would rather hang with AFP-or both! :)

DrRacheal 2411 days ago

heh...deja vu...when i see photos of myself at work i'm always amused by how much i stand out in my monochrome you for this!

RyToastNButter 2411 days ago

yea they're all celebrities but we all know who's hottest...AFP!

saintkat8 2411 days ago

Don't know why but the first thing that comes to mind is 'Valley of the Dolls'.

XJ_IX 2411 days ago

OMG it's Pam Beasely-Halpert!!!

karohemd 2411 days ago

I'm so surprised you didn't get in trouble. Sneaky photography ftw. :D

ericarules 2411 days ago


indilflo 2411 days ago

They're all so blond! O_O

sagepixie 2411 days ago

that's A LOT of make up!

agent_33932 2411 days ago

holy shit! julie benz..damnnnnnn! she was amazing in boondock saints:all saints day. lucky bastard!!!

JtothemufukingB 2411 days ago

i like how amanda looks like she's just texting. LOL.

MissLujansky 2411 days ago

woah errythings monochrome

Grund00n 2411 days ago

We have urinals.