Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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Babiigurl_Addie 1931 days ago

id pick the bright orange one!*winks*

Heleners 1997 days ago

Somebody loves sears. :P

Bellarosaluna 2253 days ago

Take off all your clothes, that would be better. xxxxxxx

Superwoman1712 2278 days ago

The yellow makes you look more tan.

vampieconfessor 2289 days ago

I go with the yellow

Boggsy26 2291 days ago

Ha orange is so your color

Redsox_Frank 2292 days ago

lol.....I would go with an Ed Hardy or Affliction better suits your

littomika 2292 days ago

i think you'd be scaring the ghosts more than them scaring you! LOL

helenaangel 2292 days ago

you'll scare the spirits away with those colors!

PellaSinka 2292 days ago

Yuk! I wear that to work everyday...definitely not on my colour wheel! LOL!!!

spunkytut1950 2292 days ago

Take the orange with the gray strip.

nikolew1 2292 days ago

Wow that's bright!

ZaksVampireGirl 2292 days ago

Please stick with Black. Black is more ur color then the neon. Besides why the heck would ya want those shirts????????? I mean are u seriously trying 2 stick out in the next lockdown AND scare the ghosts away?????????

Carrie_Klein 2292 days ago


Erickayg 2292 days ago

Stick with Black lol

LalaDePollo 2292 days ago

either one (orange).. we will still be able to see you in the dark ;) lol

jenuflection 2292 days ago

go with the safety orange, all the way!

CeciVR 2292 days ago


malibukid 2292 days ago

Zak, Be glad you don't have to wear one of those 8 hours a day like I do! :>) I went with the orange by the way. Haha

purebloodfanpir 2292 days ago

hmmm i go w/the lime green or is that yellow