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1648 days ago


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ShadzAE 1648 days ago

Our cats are doing the SAME THING.

YenielAQW 1648 days ago

I would want a cat but I don't... kind of a long story.

kiya_of_indiana 1648 days ago

so cute!

Frosty_AQW 1648 days ago

Lawl, my dog would run away. xD And I /would/ have cats, but my dad is deathly allergic. I lovez demz. ;-;

Silllerrrr 1648 days ago

You gotta work on a Sunday? o.o

Eonaleth 1648 days ago

How cute, my dog would attack your cats if she got close XD

DuckOfDuckness 1648 days ago

And... The cat on the left... Is it a very thick dark tail or is there something wrong with the wall? xD

Leaferson 1648 days ago

Lucky, I want kitties! D:

WhiteTigerAE 1648 days ago

Awwww... CUTE!

DuckOfDuckness 1648 days ago

Cat on the right looks a little like one of mine :D

AQWSeahawks 1648 days ago

LULZ /me hugz kitties! (>^.^)>