I play video games and make lots of videos on youtube! http://youtube.com/ijustine !! I also reply to tweets as @otherijustine :)

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2561 days ago


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brickwall81 2438 days ago

cool I want that app!

itsLexiMkay 2525 days ago

Oh God ! ;D

uglydollmatter1 2552 days ago

XD oh Justine, Steve Jobs is that cool I know XD

Knuxallen 2560 days ago

oh wow Justine.

gargirl 2560 days ago

What goes around comes around or something to that effect. Let her roll.

fatfarmeh 2561 days ago

Once again, JU$T A Top Job $...* * * * *

Mac_Smile 2561 days ago

lol love it

Jenna_Walker 2561 days ago

LOL only you would find that, Justine :)

iRhonna 2561 days ago

That is actually pretty amazing :D.

bbradsherkk 2561 days ago

justine, i just recently discovered, i think your a bit obsessed with Steve Jobs

gianninafredo 2561 days ago

hahahaha ;p Justine Jobs FTW.

CheapOne 2561 days ago

Well it is now officially a "Jobs" badge then, since you got it.