Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Just pinned on my first race #'s of twentyten.

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2322 days ago

Just pinned on my first race #'s of twentyten.


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radiogurus 2301 days ago

I'll take a large kit..
Can I have the bib..signed if possible pls.

hiddencook 2305 days ago

where can i buy one?

LarryBirdy 2321 days ago

How about I trade you my shirt for your shirt? I'll even sign it 4u. You know my signature is very unique, hardly no-one has it.......... :)

ste960 2322 days ago

double one !!!!!

Cora007xyz 2322 days ago

and also your second name is beauty, handsomeness(Does this word exsist:)?and generousity. Great that LAF gave so much money for Haiti. I would also do this if I had money enough.

Cora007xyz 2322 days ago

And it will last not long that you will have again the Numer one in the Back in the Tour. Wish you Good Luck, strong legs, much courage but whom am I telling this. Yours second name is courage and strength. Just stay as you are.

emieldegreef 2322 days ago

nice good luck:)

rumpie70 2322 days ago

Ride on Lance

VeloqX 2322 days ago


BSquared22 2322 days ago

What a pretty picture...

Fede69 2322 days ago

Good Luck.

mummilishus 2322 days ago

.... and so you rise again!

sparnaaij 2322 days ago

En het gaat beginnen./And it is starting.2010

KillasRacing 2322 days ago

Congratulations friend Lance

mike_f1980 2322 days ago

Good luck Lance

62Winnie 2322 days ago

Good luck

Stewybrown 2322 days ago

Go team radioshack!

dano_war 2322 days ago

Good luck!

Donsytris 2322 days ago

Well if that is not one step up from Bionic man, we'll call you Binary Biker? Be number one at the number one race in the world TDF! Love to see you do great in the Amgen tour as well. Can't wait.

heydug 2322 days ago

Good Luck Lance...2010 is your year!