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This is in my driveway today !Very low key .

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2322 days ago

This is in my driveway today !Very low key .


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lxlmarcelalxl 2302 days ago

hahahaha its a beatifull bus

_Amanda_Garcia 2316 days ago

amazing that this bus =]

CdnHockeyChic 2320 days ago

That's not over the top for LA. New Foundland on the other hand... lol XD

BarbiStolatVonG 2321 days ago

Yeh, not too over the top at all... ;)

JohnMJ31 2322 days ago

That is Awesome, If I ever see that bus, it will be the greatest day of my life!!!

Anishtiway 2322 days ago


paddyskid 2322 days ago

Good morning. Yes, very subtle. I doubt if anyone would even notice it! lol

chuckwickracing 2322 days ago

HAHAHA...Anything Gene does, is def. not "low key" LOL

onceatweeter 2322 days ago

Bet this really gets yours and Gene's motors runnin... vroom vroom! lol

Rayne_S 2322 days ago

Low key my ass.....hehe....Thats a kick ass vehicle right there.....Kizz rocks big time....xoxox

ChrissyLoco 2322 days ago

heyy awesome! i got my pic with that bus!

Mooses_kitten 2322 days ago

No one could spot your house!

havenoheart 2322 days ago

That is sweet!

HannahMatthau 2322 days ago

indeed...just same as usual lol LOVE the view!