Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Happy NYE to you all. Queen K and I spending some time together today.

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2854 days ago

Happy NYE to you all. Queen K and I spending some time together today.


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Torezen 2801 days ago

Very cool

alanparry 2845 days ago

Awesome shot!! I tried it once and almost came to grief. Thanks for all the pics and all the best for the season ahead!!

maltamamma 2845 days ago

that's awesome. love it

stepher 2846 days ago

AMAZING shot! Thanks for posting these...

TheWestCoast 2849 days ago

Good Luck for 2009, Lance. It will be great to see you back in the peloton.

Cora007xyz 2850 days ago

Just wanted to ask, if Anna Hansen is a german Name? Is she coming from Germany? All the best for you both. How will you name the new Baby? Cora might be nice name? :) Just a Joke.

Cora007xyz 2850 days ago

Hi Lance. I want wo wish you and your Family all the Best for 2009 from Cologne in Germany. I makes me very glad to see that you are so fine, that you are so fit and strong. Congratulations also that you will be getting a new baby this year. Is Anna Hanse

psuhayn 2853 days ago

ku'u 'aina hanau...geeev 'um!

toby_king 2853 days ago

Will keep an eye out for a champion. Enjoy our island and go get'em.

barbaraitaly 2853 days ago

Thanks Lance, happy 2009 to you.

babyrnjen 2853 days ago

We have great rides on Oahu, too! You should make a trip over here...get some green-ness instead of all the black rock on Big Island! Great local bike shop!!

cricket_mstr 2853 days ago

I love those sunglasses

nembokid 2853 days ago

Thanks Lance, a very Happy 2009!!!! we wait for you in Italy for the Giro!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ecoratt 2854 days ago

Very nice! Happy New Year! just put in a weeks vacation to watch you kick some ass at the Tour De California! gonna follow the Tour in person!! wooo hoooooo

michnguy 2854 days ago

Happy New year to you too. Again beating the odds - congratulations on the news of your baby! Looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide - my kids are ready to take you on, so don't slack off on your training today.

jamesedmondson 2854 days ago

Happy New Year to your entire family! Cheers! All the best for the TDU!

Chris910 2854 days ago

Its the 10//2 jersey. Anyway to get these anymore, other than on ebay?

creakyknees 2854 days ago

what's up with the non standard jersey? izzat urban camo fer cryin out loud? HNY back atcha and my Dad says thanks for the shaped beam center in Richardson.

jakelewis 2854 days ago

Happy New year straight back ya. Enjoy the ride today and everyday in 2009.

hurleykf 2854 days ago

Awesome...I'm on my rollers waiting for the snow to stop!