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1739 days ago


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STINGYBee 1698 days ago


cherry1127 1705 days ago

that is so cool, i always wanted to watch sumo wrestling, must be quite a thing to see...LOL

Cristalmary01 1722 days ago

Me gusta verlos,pero mas me gustaria ver como pueden asegurarse ese pano que usan como pantalones para que no se les caiga.Lol

amzhopton 1737 days ago

lol looks fun id b a bit 2 scared 2 go in there n fight!!

ruiz33102 1737 days ago

LOL! good thing, cuz then you would have been the little waffle from ur last tweet j/k

mofu_mofu 1738 days ago

Welcome to Japan!wording of sumou wrestler "Dosukoi".lol

Fatima_LP_Mike 1738 days ago


J9Lex 1738 days ago

IDK if I could so you in that get up lol...I guess you can try anything once live it up Alicia

hakatacco 1738 days ago

im japanese but ive never saw real sumou wow!! gotsuandesu that is sumo wresler's words. lol!!

kc0317 1738 days ago

Wow! I lived in Japan for almost four years and I never saw the inside of a Sumo wrestling ring.... that's amazing.

bryanjason 1738 days ago

Its so loud when they start slapping each other.

loVefOReaLL 1738 days ago

Ooo shit!!!!!!

fraipan 1738 days ago

oh,You went to Ryogoku. Did you eat Chanko?

CrazyBelgianOne 1738 days ago

I can already see you in those sumo suets from Ellen degeneres!!! haha

wasabisaucy 1738 days ago

in the states it would be more like su mo in order to make $

wasabisaucy 1738 days ago

in the states it would be more like su mo people in order to make $

Mag_AK 1738 days ago

you can not imagine practicing this sport, never!

kfjazz1 1738 days ago

pshhhk! I know you would win! LOL Ur Alicia Keys!

Memiakbrasil 1738 days ago

It'd better you did not get to do it. We can't even imagine you doing it. No way... :-)!

Bigtimeballer08 1738 days ago

you would have kicked their ass