Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Staff Neurosurgeon, Emory Clinic; CNN Chief Medical Correspondent; Exec Prod/Writer of TNT's medical drama Monday Mornings

view inside a field surgical suite in haiti. operations in a tent with generator power. finally!

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2297 days ago

view inside a field surgical suite in haiti. operations in a tent with generator power. finally!


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madplus 2289 days ago

dr Sanjay, I would like to help and volunteer - How should I go about it? ( I can speak French)

krisnag93 2291 days ago

I am on the team coming Monday. What surgical supplies are needed?

vividelmonte 2292 days ago

Es increible como se intenta ayudar con estas condiciones adversas

NavAscend 2293 days ago

Bless you and your crew for doing the impossible, under impossible conditions, with impossibly little....and for making life possible for so many beautiful Haitians.

bchrista 2293 days ago

There is a special place in Heaven for you! You are awesome. I hope you get nominated for Heroes

LPS21 2293 days ago

U truly are God sent! the world needs more doctors like u!

blondissima1 2293 days ago

way to go,Sanjay Guptah...you are a hero,to all those people in Haiti,all Ican say is wow,Ihave donated money...wish I COULD DO MORE,I pray for you and all of those poor people.Great job

ladyfaye15 2294 days ago

Dr. Gupta what an amazing soul you are!!! God bless you!!!

cheeto09 2294 days ago

so glad CNN sent a neurosurgeon to report on Haiti! I used to be a trauma nurse...I know your skills are in high demand there. Praying for your and your team and patients

GilMcGill 2295 days ago

How can CNN fire you? You're the BEST God has made you! I'm praying & rooting for all Haitians.

hiirm 2295 days ago

blessings, #pray4 and praying 4 you and #Haiti and and you, and hope

cdinsky 2295 days ago

I was like, STUNNED when you stayed... so used to people being sh*tz turning tail running. U R my HEROES.

cofshull 2295 days ago

Dr. Gupta. You will certainly have a very special crown in heaven. You are so selfless and giving strait from your heart. May God keep you strong.

Mary_Mullarkey 2295 days ago

Dr. Gupta, Bless you and your team. Please let us know what we can do to help.

wellheeled 2296 days ago


On behalf of all the Haitians who can't express it-

Thank you.

gatorlpn 2296 days ago

Amazing coverage, you are an inspiration to all, a true medical professional, evidenced by not leaving the patients left to you by others.

bigfoot0501 2296 days ago

What an excellent example of humanity that you are setting for the world, and hopefully for the UN. Shame on them for abandoning these people!

princesadejo 2296 days ago

Their work to our brothers in #haiti is amazing Congratulations!!Great team,they are heroes with a huge heart.Venezuela with you

ndotgw 2296 days ago

Re Tweet below: Do more by donating to Hopital Albert Schweitzer Haiti: http://www.hashaiti.org/C1a_w1.html, open & operating 42 miles/3 hours from Port au Prince.

ndotgw 2296 days ago

Dr. Gupta, the selfless courage of you and your crew is so amazing! You are heros and role models to the world! First tweet, joined just to post this... Have donated more than once, wish so much I could do more...