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Checking our Cisco's new Health Presence telemedicine technology. Amazing!

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2594 days ago

Checking our Cisco's new Health Presence telemedicine technology. Amazing!


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ghs19992003 2570 days ago

Telemedicine? Is it going to be like a vending machine for medicine with a touchscreen tv monitor?

cdcrplumber 2590 days ago

GED testing could be set up every six months, other inmates could be paid, as they are in other jobs to help tutor. The highest paid inmates are care givers they make fortyfive cents an hour.

cdcrplumber 2590 days ago

Medical does have its problems, but is much need. Cost could be worked out. But education & vocation programs should be cut. Hand out GED books and let them test on line.

Artur395 2590 days ago

Ideia Maravilhosa.

Sherry_Foster 2590 days ago

Love the idea!!!! Very cool !!!!!!

davishlove 2591 days ago

Telemedicine and contracted prison healthcare jobs to trained and security cleared professionals would help the budget crisis. State jobs are being filled by untrained and uncleared persons already. Everytime they bring in Temp agency nurses, etc. - they

cdcrplumber 2591 days ago


cdcrplumber 2592 days ago

California will be out of business until they run like a business.

cdcrplumber 2592 days ago

Dont get me started on the prison system I have all kinds of plans for that. I see that place at work first hand every day

cdcrplumber 2592 days ago

Why not DMV vehicle registration? If done right the state could create jobs, cut over head,and increase revenue. What more could entrepreneurs need? A large work force, and the public with a mandatory registration.

cdcrplumber 2592 days ago

Todays technology allows use to take collage courses,file income tax, traffic school and many other things over the internet

cdcrplumber 2592 days ago

Technology is a great thing. California should use more of it. What we need to do is create jobs, cut over head, and increase revenue. What would happen if we privatized part of DMV? We could sell,rent or lease most field offices. Todays technology allow

MedicalQuack 2593 days ago

Very Cool and I blogged about this as well at the Medical Quack Blog, great use of telemedicine

chudds007 2594 days ago

Great ! so the Doc just gives you the medical info on a screen ! cant you do that on the internet anyway ? what ever happened to Doctor/ patient relationships !!

yoann01 2594 days ago

Long live the new Cisco is very good.

Antaxi 2594 days ago

WOW!!!Catch my congrats!

tsamor 2594 days ago

I am on my way to becoming CISCO certified...thx 4 your help, Gov.

RyanInDa619 2594 days ago

LOL...when will it be self aware!!!

alexandrecaxias 2594 days ago

Good to use it !!!!

cwindley 2594 days ago

Good to see !!