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Male actress and comedienne. A Billion Jokes (Volume One) is out now!

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2593 days ago


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spiteyourface 2592 days ago

Antler Man carries his laptop via telekinesis. oooooooh

dlansky 2592 days ago

Great photo. If you took it, would you mind uploading it at thanks, Doug (signspotting editor)

amias 2592 days ago

photography in airports ! thats #terrorism that is !

theangels_hark 2592 days ago

Oh, so that's what is. I thought it meant beware of the word 'IF' falling from the sky

skyblue_gaz 2592 days ago

He seems to have a split personality though!

PemC 2592 days ago

Do they still carry their briefcases when gathering for the rutting season? I want to see it on a nature documentary.

o0erinbear0o 2592 days ago

Antler Man is so professional w his briefcase. I bet he's a banker... that just happens to have antlers.

ceridfran 2592 days ago

Fear Antler Man and his fearsome powers of... leverage?

zer0hvk 2592 days ago

hahah Antler Man is so casual, he's just going about his business

cartoonsbyRic 2593 days ago

Looks like Bullwinkle, I bet Rocky's hiding in his suitcase!

Bellicia 2593 days ago