Rock band from San Diego (official)

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2218 days ago


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noodlepal 1957 days ago

this is really funny!
and cool shoes!

SFootgirl 2022 days ago

oh! canada lol=D

fran__01 2155 days ago

hhah!!! :) :) Aswome!

fight_aint_over 2202 days ago

adorKable... =D

fight_aint_over 2208 days ago

awesome foto! =D

jadelives4him 2217 days ago

Nice. See you in Edmonton at the meet and greet. What time is that at anyways?

evan_transient 2217 days ago

Album cover art anyone???

DawnMicheleM 2218 days ago

Yeah...you're ready. lol I love it. :)

anpasosyo 2218 days ago


NathyMejiaG 2218 days ago

Funny picture! I like it!

Bethany_Cobb 2218 days ago

Hahahaha, this is HYSTERICAL!!!

AllisonHagen 2218 days ago

The Japanese snuggie looks like that only it doesn't have arms. :D

idareyoutomove 2218 days ago

Makes me want to hug ya. Hurry up and get over to Montreal, alright? And play Shadow Proves the Sunshine this time! ...please...

stevenscone 2218 days ago

Is that an upgraded version of a Snuggie? lol

SupHurricane 2218 days ago

On that note, ... "I can't put my arms down!" "Well... you'll put your arms down at school." xD I love this picture.

anorexiaz 2218 days ago

we'll be waiting for you here at Winnipeg...:D

littleowl3 2218 days ago

You look like you're getting ready for a landing on the moon!

joelfletcher1 2218 days ago

Haha, stay warm!

kaitlyn_ann 2218 days ago

Haha you won't want to be wearing that on Saturday in Calgary, it's not very cold here.

apostlethatroks 2218 days ago

That warms my red and white heart!