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1937 days ago


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Nochipra 1876 days ago

Awesome! I want some! Childrens size 2 :) I have small feet, lol.

symbiotics 1936 days ago

wow this is a whole new twist to merchandising :D

EldestDaughter 1937 days ago


VorpalLogic 1937 days ago

Wah! Totally dorky!awesome =) ... They've gotta be custom... Or tell us where we can buy some!

zukibusa 1937 days ago

thinking back to childhood, my best friend and I thought we could run faster when we got new sneakers... ah, the memories...

Cha187se 1937 days ago

very awesome!

Brainlock72 1937 days ago

[golf clap] you should talk endorsement deals.

NatchanFoto 1937 days ago

Ha!! Love it, that is fantastic. Were they made for you or are they a lucky find?

ryanrigby 1937 days ago

You should get red pair with 'Nemesis'. Awesome!

Sheindie 1937 days ago

..custom or prop? cool!

MollieOtt 1937 days ago

Good one, nemesis.

tori_vixen 1937 days ago

So appropo!

gregjdash 1937 days ago

Haha amazing.

thecx 1937 days ago

awesome! they're so you :)

abbichicken 1937 days ago

Argh those are basically the best shoes ever! I bow to them XD

kipsteele 1937 days ago

Very cool

dnicest 1937 days ago

Nice! Is it a NikeID special order? I see that named suits you.

mcleodg 1937 days ago

Very groan-worthy. I love it.

Skynet_TX 1937 days ago

How cool are those, I want some too. I guess you would still beat me in a race though, the Speedster wearing the Speedsta

scottjanousek 1937 days ago

Are these props from Heroes? or your actual shoes? :)