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Everyone go buy one copy of "DANCE WITH ME" 
Look what they are doing!! I love you both!

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2450 days ago

Everyone go buy one copy of "DANCE WITH ME"
Look what they are doing!! I love you both!


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NKOTBSB_Brazil 2026 days ago

I prefer dance with your brother ! ;)

LILv3rii 2392 days ago

♥ YAY ^^ i got it and i love it ♥

corbre 2448 days ago

Aaron u r truly blessed with the most amazing fans.

spanish_carter 2448 days ago

hahaha original & amazing! people loves you Aaron! haha i love u :)

Valeria_Grado 2448 days ago

Ahahahah!!! OOOok!!! dance with me Aaron.. XD

BSBangel_AC 2448 days ago

I got it...it's awesome... love it

Amylicious87 2449 days ago

haha roxy were u one of the ones that took a picture of my tat... lol

patholeme 2449 days ago

Aw ! u guys this is sweet ! I love it ! love Aaron's new song ! :) xoxo

sarahbeans 2449 days ago

That is soo cute!!Wish I could have been there. Don't have itunes but I did youtube the song and it Rocks!! Love ya lots Aaron

roxygrrl1993 2449 days ago

haha i met those girls on monday when we were at Slice with aaron too :)
she got the tattoo l0l

Pri_Domingues 2449 days ago

auhuhahuahua... so cute!!!

Nephyr 2450 days ago

Awww that's so cute , girls! KTACPA! (Keep The AC Pride Alive!)

sherryisapimp 2450 days ago

I look terrible lmao.

Amylicious87 2450 days ago

hahah thanks aaron... we love you bunches!!!

HaileyKing17 2450 days ago

i can do that.....pshh lol but ill wear a bikini holding my sign ;)

monzerratcarter 2450 days ago

can you seay happy bday to .PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE is my friends

purrplerrose 2450 days ago

awesome sign!! i wish i could go there & see you im so jealous lol but your song is the best!!! ♥

winniebrackey 2450 days ago

sherry! (:

monzerratcarter 2450 days ago

so cute!!! my copy is perfect i love so much Aaron

ChicFrenchGirl 2450 days ago

Oh it's awesome!!! lol