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1681 days ago


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billypumps 1086 days ago

I'm getting bored. Is anybody out there? Yoo-hoo, Poopsie!! "Y there?

billypumps 1086 days ago

Hey, Mr Baxter! We got another one! Bet we get some more, eh!?

billypumps 1086 days ago

Pauls specs are missing in one shot and so is one dolly wheel on his chair - regards billypump PS am I too late????? heh heh heh

ellismorleyphto 1675 days ago

That literally jumped out at me... too bad everyone else got there 1st :-P I cannot believe I forgot I could log into Twitter for RB news while the site was down :-P

SummerJade0 1680 days ago

So, Paul, did you win at solitaire? Without glasses?? Better find something to put under that missing wheel...just in case the coffee quits working. ☺

owlspook 1680 days ago

ok I know I missed out .. (sigh) .. was fun though (smile) ... any more games to play while we're waiting? (big smile)

owlspook 1680 days ago

glasses, wheel on chair,

BubblesDavies 1680 days ago

Glasses and caster wheel on chair.

LittleFoxPhotos 1680 days ago

hahahaa, why did you have to remove his eye? Poor fellow! And now he cant sit properly also with the one leg off

catrinss 1681 days ago

I´m too late, I know. Eyeglasses and Wheel.

louweasely 1681 days ago

glasses and wheel on chair :)

LuckyVegetable 1681 days ago

Arg! Paul has no eye! PAUL HAS NO EYE!
Now we'll have to get him a patch and a parrot and replace one of his legs with a stick so he can begin his new career as RedBubble Pirate. Yar.

EstherTheArtist 1681 days ago

He is missing his glassess and one of the wheels on his chair

lilwhiteleopard 1681 days ago

well if you shut one eye at a time, quickly, one fafter another he does look as if he is moving!! LOL. (i just know you are trying this now, as you read it!!) ha ha ah.... sorry. gotta have my fun somewhere!! X

macbrannon 1681 days ago

eyeglasses and chair wheel

geevier 1681 days ago

He is probably sleeping since he is not missing his glasses and wheel....

Angolem 1681 days ago

Glasses and Wheel - Not doing much is he - He needs to get a move on ;)

spodzone 1681 days ago

His glasses and one of the castor wheels on the chair have gone.

textureofthesin 1681 days ago

Wheel on chair and glasses

Davidhowarth 1681 days ago