Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Climbing Kaloko...

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2683 days ago

Climbing Kaloko...


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hawaidolphinboy 2678 days ago

Okay dude you just rode past my house!!! Sweet!! Second street on left coming into residential area!

RBotti 2679 days ago

Way to Go Lance, I do lots of work for the Cancer Society, am a Sales Manager for KWXX- 101.5 Kona and B97/B93 93.1 Kona and run an Outrigger Canoe Assn. Thibert is a friend of mine Great to see you on HawaiiIsland- Stop by for a cup of coffe when you com

titeyogarunner 2682 days ago

remember it's nothing comprare to Falzarego Pass...

RogueBandle 2682 days ago

That's no Plateau de Beille or Mount Ventoux though!

ecoratt 2682 days ago

And at the Tour De Cali.. i'll be cheerin' ya on at Mount Palomar!!! GOOO LAAANCE!!

tmge13 2682 days ago

That road is crazy!!!!!!!

tracemyworld 2683 days ago

wow no good weather

maurorizzardo 2683 days ago

It looks like a descent! ;)

vickygal 2683 days ago

Yawn, I can beat you up this mtn would be trailing behind me ...mesmerized

Konijntje 2683 days ago

Ohh...that's nothing like riding over Lake Lavon. :D

paul_stew 2683 days ago

Nice! What was the vert for day?

turborob 2683 days ago

Wish we had roads like that here in Maine. Two hours of foundation miles today, in the basement, staring at the wall....somehow just doesn't compare.

Malgaciapela 2683 days ago

So clouded!

333333333 2683 days ago

gorgeous! wish my mulholland ride was this nice! well, it kinda was... kinda.

DerekShaneLowe 2683 days ago

I missed out on getting to ride last time I was in Hawaii. Bummer. But, I did get to fall twice yesterday while riding the snow and ice of Minneapolis. So that's nice.

Dugdale 2683 days ago

Wow, that is a nice wide shoulder to ride on. Does Hawaii have 3G to upload those photos from your Iphone?

swepete 2683 days ago

sweet! beats MTB in the sleet n mud of Sweden :-)

Rockmount 2683 days ago

Thanks, glad Liz is on the team for Oz tho ;o)))