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Wowzers mctrousers! Flash animation running on my iPhone thanks to @paul_irish !!

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2026 days ago

Wowzers mctrousers! Flash animation running on my iPhone thanks to !!


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Earth181125 1376 days ago

Thank you zud zud

PlayuhArcade 1676 days ago

Awesome, I'm checking this out now.

Paul @

Ngongoan 1830 days ago

Thanks a lot. I'm very happy. Now i can watch film on iphone

neilnewport 1902 days ago

d on iPhone. Also u should check out our latest music video, the middle section has a stop-frame animated robot from photos taken on an iPhone, and the robot is fighting aliens animated in flash. See where this is going? iPhone vs flash, ironic really ha!

neilnewport 1902 days ago

Been looking into trying to get my bands flash website on my iPhone, so had to code a HTML version. This looks like a step in the right direction :) I saw a link somewhere with a test page with button.HTML but I couldn't get page to loa

ZoomItFlash 1980 days ago

man you are a genius!!!!!!!!!! any plans for AS3 swfs ?

DamirTweet 1994 days ago


madanvil 2004 days ago

Amazing! I also tried to publish my little swf file and use the .js files from github, but it didn't work. There must be a little more to it than just swapping out the example swf, with a new one.

JaimeWGarcia 2015 days ago

I am very excited for the day iPhone and flash can play together

nyawokun 2017 days ago

My stress will decrease.

fjwr_ 2017 days ago

What an awesome!!!

emanRefaat 2019 days ago

Relay ,it is very nice work

Jonidimo 2021 days ago

this is great, not only for iPhone, this could replace flash in all the web! in Youtube, in games, everywhere...