Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

...shall we return?

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2355 days ago

...shall we return?


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Amb5_ 1597 days ago

creepy place, stay safe zak

BiggestGACfan0 2267 days ago

Yes but Zak can I come I am the #1 fan of your show please i am 10 years old!

Lodo2012 2296 days ago

Yes you shall

JessaNightshade 2298 days ago

That place is Crazy! but I'm sure you will go back a few times.

GACZAN 2305 days ago

Love this place like hell

morganxxbeauty 2335 days ago

yes! this was one of my favorite episodes! other two are: Pennhurst State School and Hospital and Preston Castle.

MysteriousAnnu 2336 days ago

Oh yeah!! once more! This Epi was the best till now!!

alaura08 2347 days ago

please you have to

alissalimbo 2348 days ago


drjoe68 2349 days ago

Hell Yeah! Go Back and get some revenge on the "back scratch demon"! lol

dtprovchy 2350 days ago

Please return their!!! My family really enjoyed that episode! It was extremely scary! We all like stuff like that!

MWKvanessa 2350 days ago

HELL YEAH!! RETURN FOR SURE!! *runs around in circles* :O :O

sexyaudj 2350 days ago

looks like im a lil late you already have a buncha followers ;) but anywho i like this picture.. very symbolic.. check me out on facebook or myspace. im new at tweeting

LorenNeely 2351 days ago

most definately!!!

perdojanetlynne 2352 days ago

yes you should return Im not sure if I have seen the Bobs Mackey's episode

EvilxAngel 2352 days ago


DemonBusters 2352 days ago

The Demons await you at hell's gate. They mocked the Trinity with scratches and found your fear. Put on the Armour of God Eph 6:10-20 before returning. Holy Warrior Angels await your command on the Stairway…

ilovenickgroff 2352 days ago

Yes please do

KweenKim 2352 days ago

YES!! When u guys come back to Scarefest in Nov...yup I'd go ahead and set it up!!

JcKullen 2352 days ago

bring some holly water with you lol...u dont wanna have something else following you back right? ;)