Ana Marie Cox


You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you will.

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2563 days ago


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jentwats 2558 days ago

Flush! flesh?

Kafjr1313 2562 days ago

Absolultly!! That's what I'm trying to say here is This woman has a desire to make decissions that affect the lives of all Americans and the scarry thing is a popular party is behind her. This is What is distroying America!! Worse She dosent care and her

JustSaracen 2562 days ago

Kafjr, I share your contempt for SP & politicians in general, but I believe the point of the photograph is that "flush" means send down the toilet. Exactly where her policy positions belong.

Kafjr1313 2562 days ago

As a matter of fact let's create 10 more parties and give the voters a chance to make a decission. Other than red or blue. Make a candidate prove every thing he claims. No more Lying in campaining::/

Kafjr1313 2562 days ago

I personally want Dems And Reps. To be voted out every other term.It's time to put an end to this career pollitition madness.

Kafjr1313 2562 days ago

Stay relevant ? She's relevent exactly how?? She can't manage to make any sence in an interview. Again relevent how??? Oppertunest power hungry, Future career polition wannabe yes!!