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@hodakotb can't decide which dress to wear. Which one do you think?

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2521 days ago

can't decide which dress to wear. Which one do you think?


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lebogert 2464 days ago

Who is the maker of the purple dress?

lcjayhawk 2466 days ago

Did anyone ever figure out who the designer of the purple lace dress is? I'm dying to know!

lebogert 2471 days ago

Who does make the beautiful lace purple dress?

oswld2 2518 days ago

...the workplace so we don't distract the men we want to take us seriously. So, which is it? Bare legs or not?

oswld2 2518 days ago

I like them both, but my big question is "are you going to wear pantyhose with that"? Is it a big no no to wear pantyhose these days? I've heard it is, but then I read the article from Today and it said women should be careful about what they wear in th

tbone155 2519 days ago

The purple dress is awesome! Who is the maker? I actually called Jimmy C. to ask you about the dress.

kindredspirts 2519 days ago

I also need to know where to get the purple lace dress. It would be perfect for my sons wedding this fall

draftingdeanna 2519 days ago

I need to know where to get the purple, will be perfect for my son's wedding later this year

lizdeno 2520 days ago

Since you wore the b&w one...hope you where the purple one on wed.

Carl6655 2521 days ago

Love the purple with your skin tone.

abpusa1 2521 days ago

The purpule one

BonjeanXa 2521 days ago

I like the purple one

jenscloset 2521 days ago

the one on the left

wyldwoman1962 2521 days ago

I don't like either one, but I guess the purple one. aren't you gonna be cold without sleeves? lol

SusanD182 2521 days ago

Purple one

shubes61 2521 days ago

easy, the purple one... the black and white one looks like something you'd wear to work, or if you were running a PTA meeting... the purple is beautiful.

dernussbaum 2521 days ago

Black and white one.

frecklefarmCA 2521 days ago

PURPLE PURPLE PURPLE - the black and white is old old old!!!

skippy356 2521 days ago

the purple one!

lizdeno 2521 days ago

definately the purple one.....