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Believer. Husband to @ayeshacurry, father to Riley, son, brother. Golden State Warriors guard. Davidson Wildcat. Philippians 4:13

Thanks Shaq!

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2562 days ago

Thanks Shaq!


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KALILUVANGEL 2505 days ago

i'll kiss it for u xoxoxox..all better

IMissNLoveDolla 2522 days ago

:(awww. poor hand of SC's:(

LukeDookey 2530 days ago

Doesn't Shaq ever trim his fingernails? They should have a rule where you have to keep your nails under a certain length. That way there would be less people getting cut from other's Eagle Talons.

400meterstar 2543 days ago

aww! UR still a beast and the best. ILY stephen:)

Jazzy_Wazzy09 2553 days ago

Ahaha Shaq branded you. I saw that whole thing. they kept replaying it on tv. ha. I'm going to your guys' game on friday! so bring home a win cause i'm going all out (: good luck to you guys! and good to see that you're getting better every game (:

0vc0urs3sh3r0ks 2554 days ago

yea tht sucks i witnessed it myself poor baby but u indeed took it like ah so job well dne.

EVx11 2561 days ago

Dang, you backhanded Shaq that hard? Next time he'll think twice about defending you.

BeautifulBird24 2561 days ago

He Did That Shit On Purpose Hater Lol

DavidsonVBall 2561 days ago

Nothing Ben Allison wouldn't have dished out in practice!

carlynne22 2561 days ago

DAYYUMM..... Shaq did dat..........

TheChrisMaddox 2561 days ago

Fee Fi Foe Fum, Shaq steps on your hand it gets scabbed and goes numb hahaha good game tho, ready for your bro to suit up for them good ol Blue Devils!!

VAmadeME 2561 days ago

That's what you get paid for don't whine.

JsphBeeler 2561 days ago

Want me to get Beltz on that???

street__heART 2561 days ago

oh dear lord,dat looks sore...but yeah cosidering the size of him,it coulda been worse!!! lolz

doaskme 2561 days ago

Good ole shaq

iAmAzucena 2562 days ago

wow...but i did see that.

MaxRigman 2562 days ago

Dang dude! That looks like it hurt! Looking good though Curry... It's awesome to see you get better and better every game! GO WARRIORS!!!!!!!

LFCass 2562 days ago

Owww.. =/ Shaq left his mark.

sunnorman 2562 days ago

watched ur game today nice. saw shaq stare u down when he had that and1 on u i was like ooo fuck this nigga hahah good game though the teams getting there.

JuliaMayB 2562 days ago

Ahhhh I saw that while I was at the game :[