Shannon Tweed


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We made it! Awesome!!!!

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2304 days ago

We made it! Awesome!!!!


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SugarBoobs 2303 days ago

YAYYY!!! Now take a "head" count.

robandcath 2304 days ago

way to go!!

WitchyWoman8777 2304 days ago

You are brave cookies! So glad you both are okay, lol. I bet Gene was begging you not to do it, lol

joeyfanof88 2304 days ago

I used to do that 4 a living. Great job ladies!

snowbaby49 2304 days ago

I'll bet Gene was nervous about you doing this. I am sure he'll never try it since he's such a wimp about these things.

horses4mel 2304 days ago

Yippee! Good job, girls! I see a we get to see it on GSFJ?
I want to see your FACES when you jumped! How'd the Depends hold up?!:)

NJsLilDiva 2304 days ago

Congrats girls !!!!

natasha44 2304 days ago

wiw!!!! talk about being brave

MattTheKing 2304 days ago

Congratulations Shannon! Must have been thrilling and terrifying all at the same time! I know I'd never have the balls and or craziness to do it!

FiveTenGal 2304 days ago

I don't know if you're brave or crazy, but congratulations!

jlbinz 2304 days ago

Would you do it again??????

Nickhockeycards 2304 days ago

Wow next time take Gene........LOL

Worldmind 2304 days ago

that's wicked, Parachuting is one of the single best experiences of my life, Are hooked and wanting more?

Rayne_S 2304 days ago

Way the go ladies xoxoxox..Congratulations xoxox

WhiteyZin 2304 days ago

Good for you Both...I jump out of a Helicopter with a Rope, How was ur Air para Flight and is Gene coming next time?

MJPatay 2304 days ago

But the true question: What's the status of your Depends??? LOL!!!!

KitsieDuncan 2304 days ago

Congrats girl, you are a braver woman than I ;)

SONOFSIMMONS 2304 days ago

yeah and you live to talk about it. r u glad u did it.