Shannon Tweed


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2419 days ago


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lxlmarcelalxl 2394 days ago

you are amazing!

SugarBoobs 2418 days ago

Wait. Ya'll at the bar. You're wearing strap~ons, for Tweed sakes!

SugarBoobs 2418 days ago

Hell Yeahhh...

_Amanda_Garcia 2418 days ago

Yeeah, sisters!! :)

NJsLilDiva 2418 days ago

Yay for jumpsuits - ha ha.

chuckwickracing 2418 days ago

Wow, two hotties in jumpsuits!! Life, is, good!!!

topsybc 2418 days ago

Looking happier now :-)!!!

Nickhockeycards 2419 days ago

Jump Shannon!

ChrissyLoco 2419 days ago

wow NICE..i am IMPRESSED!!!

robandcath 2419 days ago

u girls rock!

robandcath 2419 days ago

u girls rock!!

ItBeMe_ 2419 days ago

It's the dynamic duo!

horses4mel 2419 days ago

OK...They're dressed out! Won't be long now! Can't wait to see THE pics!
My heart is beating fast for you 2! Have ya'll attracted a crowd yet??!!

GinnyWinderman 2419 days ago

You definitely have the balls in the family.

SONOFSIMMONS 2419 days ago

tweed sisters ...yeah.

Leonte63 2419 days ago

Wow, you guys look damn good in those jump suits!

NILMA1116 2419 days ago

I love your son, soon you will be my mother in law