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Ok here goes! I'm either going to jump or NOT!

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2358 days ago

Ok here goes! I'm either going to jump or NOT!


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horses4mel 2358 days ago

Bit extreme to get over fear of heights? lol Go to Dubai..& ride the 40 mph lift to the top of Burj Dubai! That ought to do it! Brave you.not for me!! Not no but hell no!

robandcath 2358 days ago

awesome!! enjoy....someday i will try as well :)

RevElizabethSJA 2358 days ago

Don't do it. Not worth it...

RevElizabethSJA 2358 days ago


sazerak 2358 days ago

Have you lost your mind?!

HaliJenn 2358 days ago


andresdz306 2358 days ago

go for it!

RebeccaRuns 2358 days ago

Do it!!!!!

SONOFSIMMONS 2358 days ago

jump. u will be glad u did. now i know why u needed extra large.

jlbinz 2358 days ago

I would wear a pair over my head too!!!!but definitely do it

grdnlee9 2358 days ago

Shannon, please do it. Skydive companies have well-trained people doing these jumps with people. Don't worry! Just have the BEST time.

p0shBarbie 2358 days ago

Do it! you only get to live once :)

Miss_Kikii 2358 days ago

Do it! I've always wanted to skydive.Someday... i will.

riskybzns 2358 days ago

you want to get over your fear of heights so your going to wear depends when you crap yourself?

HannahMatthau 2358 days ago

nooo! don't die! D: lol I wouldn't...