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Oregonian, Douglas Engelbart, created the computer mouse. #omgfacts

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2422 days ago

Oregonian, Douglas Engelbart, created the computer mouse. #omgfacts


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SmartWombat 2418 days ago

Wooden case? Steampunk before its time :)

almostsk8r 2418 days ago

saw 1964

hankwik 2419 days ago

Congratulation Mr Douglas Engelbart! You are the Great inventor! Gbu

sprinklemonster 2419 days ago


Chelny 2419 days ago

It looks like a circle saw blade!

jemx3 2420 days ago

oh, look, someone else who uses the same type of mouse as me. :L.
wtf is that crap? :L.

chrismatus 2421 days ago


steviedaniel_ 2421 days ago

ohmygaga, wtfffff is this craap? haaa

MonasCozta 2421 days ago


NJsLilDiva 2422 days ago

Oh wow . . . I can't believe that was the 1st mouse.

szhieloah 2422 days ago


Zeratules 2422 days ago

Yes, it's much simpler than modern mouses. Two wheels, one button (don't count the one in the bottom). Sorry for bad English. :P

Travisboyce 2422 days ago

I love the fact that half these noobs cant understand how the first mouse worked its so simple its genius

jinmatt 2422 days ago

oho! looks like a power-saw!! anyway thanks Douglas Engelbart, if you haven't done so...we would hav been dead by now banging our heads on the keyboard!

MISSHOLLYWOOD_ 2422 days ago


dankando 2422 days ago

Where can I buy one of those? I need a new mouse cause I accidentally dropped my Magic Mouse & it shattered into a thousand pieces... this one has an excellent design :D

Zeratules 2422 days ago

Looks dangerous. Anyway, thanks to Douglas Engelbart.

viviantuyle 2422 days ago

Looks kinda sharp...........

lauralabyrinth 2422 days ago

Can I borrow that? I lost my pizza cutter.

pesh71 2422 days ago

i thought the mouse was invented by research at xerox in palo alto