Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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1685 days ago


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JessaNightshade 1627 days ago

OOOO I see a sword! can I have it? haha jk

Lodo2012 1641 days ago

ha hahahahahahhahahhahhahahahaha god that brings me back how i thought he was all gay.

Issa1222 1682 days ago

Pee Wee? Awesome choice.

purebloodfanpir 1683 days ago

what that what i think your watching

amandarosek 1684 days ago

did you know, zak, that there are ghosts in the basement of the Alamo... ? you should look into that

Miss__JayJay 1684 days ago

Lmao!! Favorite part has got to be the ENTIRE breakfast scene. From the tape on the face to the Mr. T cereal!! Hahaha! XD

camf0rd 1684 days ago

use to watch pee wee's big play house all the time when i was growing up. now if that don't freak you out i don't knw what will. lol!

camf0rd 1684 days ago

favorite scene is where he is with simone, or however you spell it, in the trex watchn the sun come up. it was so romantic. lol!

NYCRedhead 1685 days ago

Who doesn't love Paul Rubens? Well, except for theater owners, that is...

Carrie_Klein 1685 days ago

By the looks of it, he feeds the skull a daily sacrifice...that's a happy little skull

its_Roux 1685 days ago

one day the skull over the TV is gonna open its mouth and just growl out your name.. then what are you gonna do. Oh.. you were showin us PeeWee lol

KatGAC 1685 days ago

LMAO "Why don't you take a picture it will last longer!"

GOTHICVAMPRIP 1685 days ago


KweenKim 1685 days ago

Watch out for "Large Marge"....

krisslovato 1685 days ago

omg pee wee! i love that movie! " i know you are but what am i?" lmao!