Jamie and I at the Laker game!!! Wooohoooooo

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2387 days ago

Jamie and I at the Laker game!!! Wooohoooooo


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Trina_Mae 2348 days ago

it IS Jamie and I. Jesus what has happened to our public education?
Too much mtv. shit.

justbybreathing 2384 days ago

it's "jamie and i" you fucking idiots... khloe was right! why waste your time leaving comments for people you don't like? lame.

pcdwildcat 2386 days ago

Awww Khloe what a cute face U made :D U really r amazing :)

LinzyRebecca 2387 days ago

i went to that gamee!:) i wish i could have seen or met you!!

merced22 2387 days ago

I would be interested in jamie!let me know!

_nesssap 2387 days ago

Go lakers

Kazamalinda 2387 days ago

Wow Again glad Khloe paid attention in school!

sally729 2387 days ago

Khloe nice pic, you look great!!! BKarimian, you look like you just put the crack pipe down, go do another line, and get a fkn life...Khloe, I hope you ignore all these rude comments that insult you! Your doing excellent and their jealous!! Hi HATERS!!!!!

CiTyGiRl008 2387 days ago

it IS JAMIE AND ME. just sayin... ps. khloe you are hot!

jewelcinda 2387 days ago

Whoa khlo, this pic is so adorable. &jamie is pretty handsome haha I digg it :)

itsme_natalieee 2387 days ago

woo lakers! jamie is cute! lol

Kazamalinda 2387 days ago

No, No, It's Jamie and I miss Khloe is correct I'm sure glad Khloe knows English lmao

PhilStellar 2387 days ago

Jamie And ME

_Amanda_Garcia 2387 days ago

Very pretty you, Khloe!! :)

MrsSassy707 2387 days ago

hes a cutie..

TVKitten 2387 days ago

gangsta LOL!

delsydee 2387 days ago

cute!! both of you!!

JadoreRue 2387 days ago

Very cute!

tressnine 2387 days ago

As usual doesn't have a life and is following Khloe!

guatemalan101 2387 days ago

BKarimian who ever the fuck u ur dumb as he'll if u think khole is ugly I wouldn't even be fucking talking if u were u cuz ur ugly as shit ur face makes me wanna through up!! Ur just jelous cuz u cnt get no one as beautiful as khole!!! So fuck off nd go d