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Top of Mauna Kea. Made it!!!! Yes!!

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1843 days ago

Top of Mauna Kea. Made it!!!! Yes!!


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CaSe63 1841 days ago

Bravo Lance!

sparnaaij 1842 days ago

wooooooo what a sportsman, put the line again.

alvinmatias 1842 days ago

Nice Lance. Wish I could be there too someday...

remufasa 1842 days ago

bravo lance bravo lance come diceva adriano de zan super

LarryBirdy 1842 days ago

Way to go, Strongguy !!

4pacemaker 1843 days ago

that is motivation

peterw29 1843 days ago

Read all about Mauna Kea. Question for Lance. Did you satrt with a road bike then switch bikes to do the dirt track near the summit?

asicsrunner 1843 days ago

hey you did it !!!!!!!!! U r the best.

rayhaan116 1843 days ago

wow that is an awesome sight! Thanks for the share...

ste960 1843 days ago

fly on the moon

marroyolaw 1843 days ago

Way cool pic!

salski61 1843 days ago

Exceptional! I'm planning on riding up Haleakala next March for my 50th.

chrisriemens 1843 days ago

damm how did you do that?? 69 kilometres climbing with 6.1% average damm:| what's your next challenge?

chen_anne 1843 days ago

Wow!! Awesome!

Surfsled 1843 days ago

Elevation: 4,205 metres (13,796 FT) (from base to summit: 10,000 M (33,000 FT))

TonNom 1843 days ago

Fantastic, Lancie! Keep it up...!

Surfsled 1843 days ago

whats that elevation?

chetvaldes 1843 days ago

Wow! Some cars have trouble getting up there due to the altitude!

krisandsimon 1843 days ago

sort of looks Mt

totalfit 1843 days ago