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On SayNow talking about the 'Troll Under the Bridge' in Seattle, WA!! Want to go here next time!

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2523 days ago

On SayNow talking about the 'Troll Under the Bridge' in Seattle, WA!! Want to go here next time!


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SHINeeB2STat2PM 2324 days ago

i live there!! ill take you if you come back with the rest of the gents :)

megmoreno 2328 days ago

I miss you..come back to San Diego and just hang out..please?? :)

x_1DirectionFan 2337 days ago

that looks awesome :O x

Rome_at_Home 2407 days ago

Thats in the movie "10 Things I hate About You"! I bet you $10 you or the rest of know what play written by Shakespeare its base on. Haha Love you Gents! :)

smashleycaitlin 2516 days ago

dudeee let me know when you come back to Seattle!! i'd love to hang :) miss you!!

MWKvanessa 2522 days ago

OMG!! i freaking love that troll!! If ya do go come here then we should meet up. i'd like to meet you, but if not then that's cool and ok. :)

meggerama 2523 days ago

..... that's really scary!
looks like a grudge troll!

MaMeMcC 2523 days ago

haha that's creepy

MariannaSpin 2523 days ago

Thats creepy! Haha

JuliaStyles1D17 2523 days ago

Whoa, thats cool and yet strangely creepy at the same time!

kassidyrowland 2523 days ago

I heard you talking about that last night. I want to go there. If I'm ever in Seattle I HAVE to go there.

Lynner2010_O 2523 days ago

The JB took a picture with that thing. lmfao. A loooong time ago. xD

DangerousxMusic 2523 days ago

I remember going there when I was little and climbing to the top. It was so much fun!

OfirP 2523 days ago

its from my most favorite movie of all times '10 things I hate about you'! I would LOVE to be there someday :)

serkises 2523 days ago

I'm positive that was in the movie "10 things I hate about you"! so cool :)

ashleypillivant 2523 days ago

Thanks for the shoutout on saynoww :)

ItsStephumz 2523 days ago

I'm down for this trip next time you are in Seattle. I haven't seen it either! and I will hold you to it!

LeeannaEvans 2523 days ago

i am "down" for this little field trip when you all are in Seattle next. I am going to hold you 2 it alexxx! :)

OhJosephJonas 2523 days ago

Reminds me of 10 Things I Hate About You..

bieberdegrassi 2523 days ago

yeah so i definitley live in seattle and have NEVER been there before :P