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ARE YOU HOCKEY's back and the guys are on fire for more madness... are you hot enough to watch:

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2391 days ago

ARE YOU HOCKEY's back and the guys are on fire for more madness... are you hot enough to watch:


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dkeyjon 2391 days ago

hahaha,i had such a blast when Ben did this,he's such n amazing comedian,miss you bro!!!

mardoche 2391 days ago

It's very cool tonight...hummmI should say hot!!! LOL I believe in the Canadian!!!! I want to join the crew behind Jeff with all their Canadiens T-shirts!!!

Myrismith 2391 days ago

lol!!! Awesome vid!!! There's no doubt about the fact's going to be a freakin' hot one tonight! But please...keep Ben out of this! It looks like this guy has no pity for anyone at this game...especially not his own brother! LOL!

Robert_Dude 2391 days ago

LOL! Ben is amazing!! Thanks for your presence Ben, that makes all the difference! GO HABS GO!!!!

Betina77 2391 days ago

¡Wow! Yo ya estoy asustado! Estoy seguro de que será más sorprendentes entre el período de "¿Are you Hockey", entonces el juego! Estás chicos amazing!:)

OoSAYURIoO 2391 days ago


Jeff_Enemy 2391 days ago

I'm pretty confident for tonight's game! I have a lot of supporters with me! WATCH!

AmyYFE 2391 days ago

What is that? He scares me!!! But i can't wait to see who wins tonight!!

Corbijn2 2391 days ago

Let's make it hot everyday!! Let's be passionate in what we do!! Hockey or not!! Thank you for showing us how to rock even more in our life!!

Sammeh_ 2391 days ago

Hmm something makes me think this one was pre-recorded. xD

Anna_YFE 2391 days ago

It's really going to be a hot one tonight!!! Sef im sorry my friend but you're going down!

YFEFRANCE 2391 days ago

Retour de ARE YOU HOCKEY, les gars sont en feu ! Êtes-vous prêts à voir ça ?

Hereisagoodone 2391 days ago

Sue....It's killing me!!! you're way too Nice pic Ben, you're such a pro with the camera and you know it...!! ;)

YFESue 2391 days ago

Ha ha... I just know this is going to be really amazing and to see Jeff getting extra support this week is great.. it is well deserved! About time Sef was out numbered!