Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Sufferin' at the hands, uhhhh I mean throttle, of @trainright.

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1998 days ago

Sufferin' at the hands, uhhhh I mean throttle, of .


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davidwalker_vk2 1936 days ago

Which one are you Lance?

rapichat 1967 days ago

U can Do It!

hiddencook 1974 days ago

nice form

barkersboobs 1991 days ago

That must be modified motor!

barryvj65 1995 days ago

I guess if you are just about dying on the bike, that's what you look like. Too many amateurs busy with perfect posture on bike.I guess.

BillKennedyYo 1996 days ago

Grlz wear white shooz, rite?

JaccoVanEmst 1996 days ago

Not fair i have to ride in 10 feet snow

Cora007xyz 1996 days ago

That cant be so healthy to breathe the exhaust from the Motobike. But you have at least good, warm weather there. Here it is cold winter with snow.

gospina 1996 days ago

Smog alert! That can't be good

TonNom 1997 days ago

Enjoy it while you can....I'll keep praying for your health, mr.Awesome!

ejbarber4 1997 days ago

I cannot wait for the tour!! Epic!

AdamJaz 1997 days ago

ste960: Lance doesn't wear gloves because his skin is made of chamois, duh.

bubblesfhm 1997 days ago

I love the white shoes Lance. Are nike going to treat us this year or will we just have to put them on the wish list.

elrobinson360 1997 days ago

Great pic- can't even see the rope tow!

JoDeNicholas 1997 days ago

Sufferin, isn't that your middle name?

geovanislobo 1997 days ago

como una moto este gana el tour

Linnet71 1997 days ago

ha ha! Looking good, man! Keep following the wheels- you're an inspiration to us all! Looking forward to the Tour!

jnboado 1997 days ago

Lance ride your old school bike from the 80's in the mix when your training if you do take pics!

ziplinsky 1997 days ago

looking fwd to seeing u in radelaide!

Mikeiana 1998 days ago

New Bike¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ Nice.