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Frank Gehry designed a most beautiful building to start this process. #Lodz

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2306 days ago

Frank Gehry designed a most beautiful building to start this process. #Lodz


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raman_grov 2153 days ago

wherever there is inland empire, you have my vote.

MasterMahem 2179 days ago

Very Interesting Spaces and Proportions, but does it celebrate freedom from the tyranny of the material world? No. It does not. Should it? Maybe...

ChuanpitrK 2183 days ago

Another era in architecture seems to have started with Frank Gehry. Absolutely marvelous!!!

oIHLo 2274 days ago


Khuzami_art 2303 days ago

kinda like a photo shop collage ...not organic enough for me...well, I am prejudice against objects with too many sharp angles..it looks dangerous

peterS51 2304 days ago

I am sorry but I think it looks like a paper airplane on top of boxes.

VMenchaker 2305 days ago

Don't know if is the most beautiful building by Gehry, but Lynch deserves all my admiration.

rareretreats 2306 days ago

Frank Gehry strikes again! Is there no end to this man's talents.

PiotrekKielbik 2306 days ago

wonderful n will be in great city!

mmiuta 2306 days ago

How beautiful!I want to really look!!

puerari 2306 days ago

simply stunning

rachel_eliza 2306 days ago

2 of my favorite artists in one vision. Thank you for this. Let's see it happen.

tmqn 2306 days ago


leemunyu 2306 days ago

It looks marvelous.I want to really look!

_GaliLu 2306 days ago

It looks wonderful. Greetings from Poland, everybody :)

Jawsmien 2306 days ago

Beautiful building. Let's all support #Lodz !

DiAMANDA_R_ 2306 days ago

*is visual* as i in dreamtime 've seen it *is beautiful*

miyama 2306 days ago

i want to really look!!

miyama 2306 days ago

wow! want to really look!!

_brenina 2306 days ago

wow!it's amazing!